Me on Myself

I don’t claim to have gotten* enlightened whilst sitting under a bodh tree, but yesterday after the 1-1 draw between Manchester United and Chelsea i realised that i was still not yet free from the obsession of material possessions.

Excessive devotion (or devotion for that matter) towards material possessions is a sin and that sin is what i am so fond of committing. Well actually, it isn’t the ‘obsession’ which afflicts me but it is more of the “being under the spell” kind of thing. I have been a sucker for Television ever since i was first introduced to it and this relationship of mine is what i seek to terminate and by terminate, i don’t mean like i will never lay my eyes upon it ever again!!, it’s just that, if given a choice between watching TV and going out (and “getting a life”), i will choose the latter.

One of the earliest examples which i can recall regarding this case happens to be my learning to tell the time by looking at a watch (of course you think it is stupid that some one actually has to learn looking at a watch but just try teaching that to an infant (and by infant i don’t mean a grown up politician->phatta )). The story goes like, i learnt to interpret the time shown by checking with the programmes on on TV at that time (even though i didn’t know the time, i knew which show was on at which time even back then). So after a few days of such constant Tv referrals i became adept at the infant-evading art. It was because of this very avocation that i’ve had spectacles on my big fat nose (not so big but nevertheless fat nose, actually) ever since i was in 2nd standard. 

Looking back at the above passage, i wonder how the art of forming simple sentences that make clear sense evade a “fully accomplished engineering student”. I have to say that i am unable to make that passage more coherent, and may be that is because of the fact that i am speaking about myself rather than what i think about other things (Once you come to understand the line, you will realise i am being Honest).

To save you all from the pain of “what the heck is he saying” feeling, i present to you the summary ->

->I’ve woken up to realise that Tv is a dispensable commodity and the events scheduled on it need not          disrupt what ever you are doing unless of course you are watching some other channel 🙂 .

You were subjected to the above passages only because i chose to sit at home and watch a BPL match instead of going to Charminar and eating Haleem along with my Dad and his friends.

Reader’s backlash:-

1)Why the goddamn dramatisation??

monkeys don’t dramatise, they just go about their work which unfortunately appears as a drama to others.

2) Why should we read about what you do and not do?

it’s my blog and no matter how much i try to not get myself involved there are bound to be such cases. More over, it’s my personal feeling that posts pertaining to me are better than those relating to things not-me.

3) I don’t see why i should give a damn

i think you have already made this point in the earlier statement and moreover by saying this, don’t you think you are giving a damn (i am confused how that is, but i’m not going to retract)

4) why enroll it in the college blogroll for god’s sake?

I won’t (from now on) if your peers second it

5) Why this dialogue sequence at the end?? do you really fear a backlash?

oops, i’m being a bit too honest


9 thoughts on “Me on Myself

  1. Hey mr.A i would like to add a story from the movie “The Crying Game ”
    the frog and the scorpion story: the scorpion, wishing to cross a stream, asked the frog to let him ride his back over the stream. When the frog asked the scorpion how he could be sure that the scorpion would not sting him, the scorpion replied that if he did sting him, it would mean death by drowning for both of them. The frog complies, carrying the scorpion on its back across the stream. Before they reach the other side, however, the frog feels pain and realizes that the scorpion has stung him. He protests, “Why did you sting me, Mr. Scorpion? For now we both will drown!” The scorpion replies, “I CAN`T HELP ITS IN MY NATURE.”

    I agree dis is not a better comparison to ur post this is only a reference PLZ DON`T WATCH THE MOVIE…….!!!!!

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