Best of September of last year (part-1)

I want to update my blog but i don’t feel like writing. So i am going to take the easy way out and dig in to my older entries 😦 

Lame ? yes, but surely better than nothing

Same time last year i was on a posting rampage and that too when my blog had barely any visitors. You see, back then i was yet to know about the existence of a college blogroll and moreover, my friends didn’t (read :don’t) give a damn.

Best of September of last year:-

Context :- End of third sem Mid-sems

Content -> I write this post wondering whether i burned my tongue or the roof my mouth. The culprit was by the way, not a hot lady (raunchy thoughts, huh), it was just some really hot food. The taste was anything but hot but then what can one expect in a canteen of a research institute. Having said that my performance in the gone-by exams was as tasteless as the aforementioned food.

I know that you don’t give a damn about my screwed up grades but anyway, i would like to elaborate a bit on my quite dumb exploits during the course of my exams. First of all, gone are those days when i used to attend classes only for attendance, these days it seems that i even attend exams just for the sake of attendance. The only thing which i usually get right in the examination hall , is my signature on the attendance sheet.

This may feel funny but it damn sure ain’t funny. So what do i do during the whole exam, i just keep pondering over how i managed to get myself into such a hopeless situation in the first place. May be this place ain’t for me, may be i am so irresponsible or may be i should work hard the next time or may be i should just stop this non-sensical chain of may-be’s.

Whatever i do or don’t do, this blog will keep getting updated as long as i continue to stay in this non-hot college of mine. I am actually quite amazed that terrorists haven’t struck during the past week when festivities reached a feverishly high state.

Context:- Pre mid sems and post WLAN installation in OBHEB

Content-> I have my mid-sems from the day after the day after tomorrow and my preparation is as patchy as this opening sequence. This may not sound original at all, since almost all of your friends must be humming these words in your ears 24 X 7. On the bright side, the exams will last for only three days and they will quite surely disappear into the distant horizons  of my mind, even before i realize what hit me.

I feel like a scavenger right now, feeding on the bits and pieces of wireless signals left unconsumed by my peers. This was supposed to be the case prior to the installation of the wireless routers (in my block) but my condition continues to be the same, thanks to the highly ineffective “state of the art” equipment. Having said that, scavengers tend to lose the art of appreciation after a course of time, which makes them incapable of even distinguishing between the good and rotten food.

Context:- Reviews of FIFA 08 demo and Tarantino’s Deathproof

Content-> There is no need to buckle up your seats or anything, for the reviews, are for two completely insignificant man made creations. The first one amongst this happens to be FIFA 08 (demo version). Having been addicted to this game for the past season, i have to say that the new one ain’t so different from the old one.

The major and most interesting change has to be the one done to the goal-keeper who has been designed to be a more pro-active figure unlike the previous editions where he almost never left his line. Since i have played only the demo version i haven’t had a chance to find out about the new ” Be a Pro” feature where you get to play with a single player for the whole course of the match.

Coming to the visual aspect, the turf seems greener and the stands seem fuller but the clarity has clearly gone astray. I am hoping that, that won’t be the case with the full version.

The other review is concerned with the Tarantino part of ” Grindhouse” namely “Deathproof “. True to his usual conventional style,Tarantino has managed to churn out yet another unconventional movie. (I am not complaining though)

The beginning part of the movie runs solely on the finer side of feminism (which happens to include some vulgar yet appealing body movements designed to present the character as bootylicious). The fun really begins in the “after six months” segment where the director moves away from the ladies’ tushies (finally) to concentrate on some freaky car rides.

I would have dismissed this movie as thrash except for the last 30 mins which are really fun to watch. I would recommend this movie only to men, as women might find this one a bit offending. Go ahead gentlemen , have a blast 🙂 .

Context:- Present Day

Content:- Enough for today, see you later


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