Want some suggestions, Dammit!

What kind of questions are the best bet to bring out the creativeness of an individual?? 

Do you have any novel ideas which were considered too out of the box or weren’t even considered earlier? It’s time to try out your luck as i come around begging for new ideas.

The questions needn’t be creative. The answers should provide enough of that commodity as long as your questions help them cross the void of creativity formed because of repetitive brain numbing activities. So please feel free to dump all the ideas which you think can fit the billing. The questions needn’t be smart or clever or considerate or formal or senseful but it would help if they were.

(The post should have ended here for what follows is reduntant matter which causes more harm than good).


I just need some fodder to let my brain feed on, so that i can churn out some questions. The questions churned out may turn out to be the very ones you sent, but even in that event you will have no rights to go to court and file whatever you file for using stuff without the permission of their owners. 

You see i’m going to be like an anti-Santa who goes about collecting things and that too when you come over to give as opposed to me coming over.

All questions are to be submitted in comment format at the end of this post. The best thing about the comment format is that you have a provision to be anonymous. Now how cool is that

In the event of no comments turning up this post would oblige me to bray, and i would have to make do with my own ideas (The latter scenario ain’t a bad position to be in but the former is totally uncool…. which implies that this post makes it essential for me to receive some suggestions even though i could have done without them in the first place. Interesting development that)

p.s:- I believe that (n +1) brains are better than (n) brains and that’s been the sole purpose of reaching out to you people.


12 thoughts on “Want some suggestions, Dammit!

  1. And while we’re at it, you can think about the following, if at all you feel that thinking about it will be worth the while. I won’t sue you. Promise.
    Let’s call living on, and using only, those things which are provided by nature and are unprocessed by humans as living with nature. I mean, take man to be an animal just like the others, and imagine how would he live. Eat raw meat, fruits, not wear clothes, fuck n’ forget n’ never mind types. Whatever. Imagine the various aspects of the life of a primate.
    Think, think, think about it.
    That is what is living close to nature.
    Call it level ’10’ on some scale of 0 to 10 of closeness to nature
    Imagine your own life now. Examine how far are you from nature. Can you live without all this artificiality?
    Now, can you give a grade to your life on that scale of 0 to 10.
    Can you imagine a scale 0?
    What level are you most comfortable at? And why’s that so?
    Think, think, think.
    Or maybe there’s no need to. You can as well forget about it. I care two hoots.

  2. Toh likh bhai. Will wait for the post.
    And btw, my suggestion isn’t a “professional” one. As in, I thought of it myself and this ain’t related in any way to what I do for a living (which is nothing).

  3. i didn’t mean “professional” as in a professional way.I used it because i couldn’t think of any better word.

    Readers are encouraged to refrain from attributing the true sense of words to the ones which appear in this blog

  4. Think something unconventional..
    like how would the world be if instead of one wife, everyone shared their partners.
    How did the current system of single partner evolve…

  5. i guess the threat of sexually transmitted diseases put an end to that. Moral values and ethics is what they call it these days 🙂

    p.s :-there seems to be a misconception that the suggestions i asked are for my sake, they are NOT. I wanted them for the organization of the creative writing event

    i feel i have had my more than fair share of creativity

  6. You can submit to me the entries to your creative writing contest. I’ll consider them for the mag. Tell this in your mails for the contest. My ID is aniketsharma.
    Also, why haven’t I heard about this creative writing contest of yours?

  7. dude, the event is for the fest which goes by the ‘F’ word

    this post may have come out a bit too soon considering that it won’t be happening until the ‘F’ month

  8. Chalo good then that you’re working so soon. I rmr making those creative writing questions just two nights before. But the competition was a success anyways 🙂

  9. “dude, the event is for the fest which goes by the ‘F’ word

    this post may have come out a bit too soon considering that it won’t be happening until the ‘F’ month ”


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