Starting Blues

I had a rather novel experience today in one of my classes, when i couldn’t really understand whether i understood the point or not. I guess that the bar of indecision has risen to new heights not seen since the days of Hamlet.

I don’t know why but this post ain’t coming naturally to me, maybe i am already fed up with blogging.

I have made up my mind to try my best to improve my grades which have been embarrassing, to say the least, but  it  is easier written than done especially since these subjects don’t fascinate me in any way paving the way for me in fantasising  that it would have been better if i had joined the adjoining HCU. I call it a fantasy because i was made aware of the existence of only two streams namely MPC and BiPC after my tenth. Infact, i was unable to decide which stream to take for quite a long time despite them being like chalk and cheese. But looking back, i can take solace in the fact that i would have fared hopelessly in either of them.

These pangs of pessimism have taken a hold of me and have ruined my aimless blog.

I shall be back with a better post (now that’s optimistic)



It is official folks, i am going nowhere. I signed a new deal earlier today which will see me stay here for atleast another six months, not that i had another choice but just in case.

Since i have not done anything today, i intend to describe a certain Vir Das who happens to be a Tv anchor
and is bound to give Cyrus a run for his money if he decides to really step in. Who is he?

He happens to host a program called ” News on the loose” and if you wish, you can download his serioulsy funny wisecracks from He describes his web site as just another site on the web. Now, that may not be humility at its best but considering the web sites of some of my peers,thats quite a statement especially since all that one gets to see on people’s personal sites is their name popping out from everywhere and running about mindlessly.This amazing phenomenon is amazingly prevelant in every page, very much like the corruption involved in all of our government papers.

Moving on to the print media, all that we get to see nowadays are news related to the not so lucky toddlers who end up
either being trapped in a bore-well or in swirling sewer, courtesy open manholes.These may be heart-wrenching for the near and dear but are somewhat amusing for the indifferent ones mainly because of the way they are telecast by the electronic media.

Gone are the good old days where one crossed the road after looking either side, these are the days in which one should also add a completely new dimension ,for who knows when a boarding might come crashing down to relieve you of your senses.

Never Mind The Title

First things first, the ‘A’ in my name is more of an article than an initial just because i like it that way.

I was in the company of my dearest friend “vacation” over the past three months. Unfortunately or fortunately,the time has come to bid him adieu rather prematurely. Going into this relationship, i had set myself certain goals but alas things didn’t work out as i expected.

I wanted to obtain a membership in the wimbledon championships but all that i managed to acquire was a membership in the British library. I wanted to gain some experience in the skill of reading Telugu but i gained some experience in Shakespearean literature .I wanted to live a pro-active life but all that i did was ” i ate, i slept and i excreted”. Disgusting dude

Well moving away from my stinking self, the monsoon was here accompanied by floods, very much like brothers in arms unlike Mukesh and Anil who don’t realise the agony they can unfurl amongst their counterparts by sticking together. It was a welcome change though to see our politicians use their common sense once in a while.(The above mentioned statement is in connection with Mr.Modi who escaped to Switzerland while his state was having a hell of a time in the hands of nature)

I had also become quite trigger happy during the holidays, so much so that, i took a shot at all the offers that were thrown my way. Firstly, i decided to take a membership in the British library just because it cost only Rs.1100 per annum.Secondly, i also subscribed to a magazine just because they had sent my father an application form. Both were completely unnecessary actually due to the presence of a “well equipped” library at my college which was, as a matter of fact, also pointed out by the librarian at the British Library.

Talking about shots, the crime situation in my beloved South Africa seems to have spiralled out of control with as many as 19000 murders being committed in a single calendar year.