Indians will do anything for money

Just look at this guy.   And not to be left behind, look at this lady. #Feminism I say Indians will do anything for money secure in the knowledge that I too am an Indian and will do anything for money (except work). For instance, I would be completely at ease making wild bets […]

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Fantastic Mr. Stokes

  Hear that on repeat at least three times before you proceed any further. It’s of utmost importance. The importance of you doing that can’t be overstated. The mission if you choose to accept is to follow everything I say. Last Saturday evening, lord lord lord Last Saturday evening, lord lord lord I went to […]

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The passing game

Would you like to go sailing? I don’t know, I can’t swim. You’ll be fine, I’ll get you a life jacket. Would you like to go for a drive? I don’t know, I can’t drive. What do you mean you can’t drive? Everyone I know is either over 18 and driving legally or under 18 […]

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Learning French via Kendrick

Martin avait un reve Martin avait un reve Kendrick avoir un reve Toute ma vie je veux de l’argent et le pouvoir respecter mon esprit ou mourir de la douche de plomb Je prie ma verge obtenir grand que la tour Eiffel donc je peux foutre du monde pendant soixante-dix deux heures Putain je me […]

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Vous Parlez

On a Delta Airlines flight from Dallas to Des Moines, sitting next to each other are a late-twenties Indian looking guy and an early thirties Chinese looking guy. The Chinese looking guy is absorbed in his Wall Street Journal and is minding his own business, the Indian looking guy is having trouble keeping his head […]

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More than prose?

My aim in life is to wean girlfriends away from their boyfriends, wives from their husbands, moms from their babies, single mothers from their duties, fiancees from their engagements, recently-divorced from their new found freedom, old widows from their loneliness, young widows from their grief, princesses from their fathers, college girls from their seniors, sub-urban ladies […]

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Markets are the darndest things

They react as if promises made are promises fulfilled, as if policies in consideration are policies in existence since time immemorial. They tend to predict the future and act as if they are a part of that very future which they create. Markets always exist in their own little parallel universes, and the politicians in […]

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Song of the day

How I wish you could see the potential, the potential of you and me. Its like a book elegantly bound but in a language that you can’t read, just yet. You gotta spend some time, love. You gotta spend some time with me, and I know that you’ll find love, I will possess your heart.

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The Punch

  You’re not the movies that you watch You’re not the quotes that you quote You’re not the things that you like You’re not your FB profile. You’re not the status message you use as bait You’re not the smileys you use as a shield You’re not the fake guffaws you convey You’re not your […]

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The Social Experiment

The Notice: ” Anyone willing to allow a 6ft stranger into their living room to watch the Champions League final. I promise to not only behave but also support whichever team you support. Cheers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        22 yr old from c2-1102 (you may contact me using the intercom or the elevator)” //End of notice// If anyone does […]

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