Back in the day

Jan 1 Really like it when 31st December falls on a Tuesday. I’d like to die on a ’31st December, Tuesday’. Has a nice ring to it. Jan 11 Read a chapter in Undercover Economist and went to see a Mahesh Babu movie. Jan 19 The day was going to waste. Too much poker, I […]

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A Day in the Life of

Last night I took a break from watching La La Land and headed to Hacksaw Ridge instead. The turnout was spectacular. It was a full house on a weekday. That got us thinking. Friend wondered if it could have anything to do with faith. I liked that thought. I liked it so much I pursued […]

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The Dark Knight Rises: Compendium

First, a couple of parodies to get you in the mood. Next, opening lines from a review I liked: “In order to fully appreciate The Dark Knight Rises, it might be a good idea to refresh your memory of Batman Begins, given that key plot points and characters from the 2005 film are referenced in Christopher Nolan’s […]

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