Who is this Monkey?

A person who counts his age according to how many football/cricket seasons he’s witnessed.

A person who goes to bed with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert 160 times a year.

A person whose twitter bio (@redstupid) says he enjoys killing flies by dropping books on them.

A person who loves his movies more than he should.



3 thoughts on “Who is this Monkey?

  1. Dude, after interacting with you for the past 2 years on the blogroll, I still don’t have much of an idea who exactly you are. I guess that’s also true for almost all the bloggers from my batch as well.
    So, ‘who’s this monkey?’ made sense, but in a way different than the one it was intended in.

  2. Mr.A i hope you agree with “laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired ..!!!”. And i guess(as far as i know) you don`t rest before getting tired. So buddy, get a better description for yourself. [:P]

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