When I run out of stories, I turn to economics

What do we want? Jobs.

Why do we want? Huh?

What do we want? Higher social spending.

Why do we want? Without providing access to health and education, we can never become a superpower. And what better way to combat and shield against the disease of poverty.

What do we want? More capital spending.

Why do we want? A village connected is a village able to provide. We need roads and electricity, schools and cooking gas. We need to decongest the existing roads and improve the public transportation. We need to remove supply-chain bottlenecks and provide faster internet, reduce the cost of transport and improve the competitiveness of our manufacturing.

What do we want? Lower overall spending.

Why do we want? To lessen the fiscal deficit which will help attract investments from overseas, even if they are of the speculative kind. Discrimination is uncool, bro.

What do we want? Wider tax base.

Why do we want? A government needs revenue to function. We have one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratio going around. We are a 6 pointer, we can’t go to grad school with that record. We need to keep our head down and do some additional courses, probably at a night school, probably run into a girl there- but no, we need to focus. We need to remember why we are here. We are here to improve our country’s tax collections, goddammit. A government under Trump with a higher tax revenue will be able to provide better services than a government with no revenue under Abraham Lincoln. That’s just how it is. A government needs revenue to fulfill its duties. Know why Western governments provide better services than ours? Because they are able to mobilize taxes! You think their politicians are any better? Maybe their institutions are partly better owing to greater decentralization, but I digress.

What do we want? Women empowerment.

Why do we want? Will lead to higher labor force participation. Good for the country, good for the household. Cheaper to provide paid maternity leave than not have them working at all.

What do we want? A new tax structure.

Why do we want? To get GST out of the news. I’ve had it with all this talk about GST. Just implement it already.

What do we want? More movies from David Fincher.

Why do we want? They’re good.

What do we want? Less editorial oversight.

Why do we want? Wacky is good, wacky is food for the soul, wacky is Leonardo di Caprio sticking his tongue out in the rain. Wacky is the joy of being alive and being able to do whatever- as long as it’s not retrospective taxation. Nothing turns off investors more than unpredictable policy. We need predictable policies and an efficient judicial system that is able to settle conflicts in a reasonable amount of time.

What do we want? A strong IPR regime.

Why do we want? Because the US government wants it To encourage innovation, to protect the risk-takers, the movers and the shakers.

What do we want? Better corporate governance.

Why do we want? We’re under the impression that companies wouldn’t have run up the present levels of bad debt had they been run better. Our country is in severe need of capital, the last thing we need is funds getting tied up in non-performing assets.

What’s hurting the banks today, will hurt us tomorrow. A healthy banking system is as important to a country’s (financial) security as soldiers are on the borders. Capping bonuses will only keep the best and the brightest away from this sector of national importance. We hereby introduce a petition demanding the withdrawal of any and all proposals seeking to cap executive bonuses. (what’s that? wrong forum? that meeting is in the next room?)

What do we want? A green economy.

Why do we want? If we continue as we are, mankind will perish by 2100. I’m only kidding but I wish I wasn’t because maybe at least then we’d be moved to take some sort of action. A green economy, in addition to saving our race, will also make our societies more equal. It is in many ways the silver bullet we can reliably rely upon to vanquish many of our national and global problems at one go.

What do we want? No more ill-conceived laws.

Why do we want? Because they’re inadvertently preventing many of our firms from growing/ joining the mainstream. Firms are hesitant to take the next step if it means losing out on exemptions they received as small industries. Similarly, many of these laws are hindering the growth of the formal sector. We need to stop punishing and start rewarding those who open up their books for scrutiny. Amen.

What do we want? More posts.

Why do we want? Not government posts, the last thing we need is revenue deficit. We’re talking about blog posts. We can’t seem to get enough.


6 thoughts on “When I run out of stories, I turn to economics

      1. But except Women Empowerment, which Rahul Gandhi should definitely take credit for, all the points sound like coming from the west. 😉 I like the post though.

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