Stoicism 101

There’s barely anything heroic about not letting the bad things get to you. A majority of people do that with success to some extent. The poor being the pioneers of that art. We don’t want to be associating with them, do we? So our brand of Stoicism will focus on being stoic in the face of good fortune. 

I can’t help it. Whenever I am in an airport, I feel the need to take a big old dump. This one time was no different. However, when I opened the stall, there he was- Seth Rogen. He was smoking some pot without even locking the door. I was neither startled at the sight of a fully grown man behind an unlocked stall, nor was I trembling with excitement at the opportunity of letting the world know about how I ran into Seth Rogen that one time I was looking to take a dump in an airport. After such an incident, you might think I’d be forever doomed to opening stalls with an expectation of finding Seth Rogen behind them, but I don’t. It’s as if I was a witness to something completely normal.

I used to have a crush on this girl, but no courage to do anything about it. She was my Susan Glenn, I was no Stoic then. I later found out she used to have a crush on me too. We are now together and my life is no different from what it used to be.

Two movies come out tomorrow. One’s directed by David Fincher, and the other’s by Steven Soderbergh. One stars Rooney Mara, and the other stars Channing Tatum. Michael Shannon has a role in both of them. I am not looking forward to tomorrow any more than I looked forward to today.

I am sitting in a room waiting for the results of a job interview with 9 others. The job’s supposed to be good, pay-wise or something. I don’t think I have a chance. The interviewer felt a distinct lack of buzz around me. Whatever. The main reason why I don’t see myself getting this “highly desirable” job is because of that extremely attractive lady the 8 of us can’t stop staring at. The remaining one person who doesn’t seem to care is actually quite miffed at the attention being bestowed upon that one particular person. I guess all ladies are born that way, forever feeling threatened by the next. I am sure some lady has already pinned the blame for the discord among the female species on the male species. Hold on, the LED has flickered to life. The name that’s flashing is a name the rest of us will remember for the rest of our lives, forever telling the story of how we attended a job interview with a lady who went by that name. The 9 of us mutter an awkward congratulations and make our way out. A few steps on, I am however tapped on the shoulder and asked to wait with the one. It turns out they could do with the both of us, and moreover want us to work as a team. I roll my eyes and head to the nearest exit.

A few weeks on, I got fired from that job. The boss’s parting words were “stoic this, motherfucker.” He had somehow grasped my philosophical inclinations. I never figured him to be intuitive, I never figured him to be much of anything really. Maybe he just reads my blog.



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