If you read what I have to say about Syria, I have a gift waiting for you

A rightfully wary Obama draws an arbitrary red line. He draws it at the usage of chemical weapons. They do get used, but at the hands of the rebels whom his government supports.

When the news of the usage first broke out, the Republicans were quick to call Obama out for not taking any decisive action. Decisive action for the grand old white men meant arming the rebels. Obama, for his part, was cautious enough to not place the blame squarely on the Syrian government without sufficient evidence- a prudent stand given how they were quick to draw to conclusions following the Houla massacre and ended up with eggs on their faces. However, some spin doctors are now putting the spin by blaming the government for failing to secure its chemical weapon caches. Color me aghast.

Jon Stewart, ever so admirable on domestic issues and ever so ignorant about international squabbles, jumped the gun and poked fun at the possibility of the Americans having to convince Putin’s Russia on the seriousness of the crimes purportedly perpetrated by the regime. How about staying out of this conflict, Jon?

So, there you have it. The rebels and their opportunist backers are more villainous and intractable and devoid of sympathy for the suffering of the common Syrian than the supposed main villain in the piece, a certain Bashr Al Assad.

As a reward for bearing through an insight into a regional conflict, I now present your gift. The gift is a passage from a book written by Walker Percy. Enjoy.

“Her bottom is so beautiful that once as she crossed the room to the cooler I felt my eyes smart with tears of gratitude. She is one of those village beauties of which the South is so prodigal. From the sleaziest house in the sleaziest town, from the loins of redneck pa and rockface ma spring these lovelies, these rosy-cheeked Anglo-Saxon lovelies, by the million. They are commoner than sparrows, and like sparrows they are at home in the streets, in the parks, on doorsteps.”


Postscript: The Russians have spoken some momentary sense into the Americans, for they have now dropped the pre-condition of Assad’s resignation. This won’t go down well with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the rebels; and as such, America, itself, may change its position once again. Be that as it may, best case scenario would be America and Russia joining hands and annihilating all those who oppose a settlement through political dialogue. Now, that’s a pipe dream.



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