More than prose?

My aim in life is to wean girlfriends away from their boyfriends, wives from their husbands, moms from their babies, single mothers from their duties, fiancees from their engagements, recently-divorced from their new found freedom, old widows from their loneliness, young widows from their grief, princesses from their fathers, college girls from their seniors, sub-urban ladies from boredom, angels from heaven, secretaries from their bosses, celibates from their vows, small town girls from their innocence, rich farm girls from their horses, nuns from their god, medical students from their books, Lolitas from Humbert Humberts.

Monogamy ceases to exist and fidelity loses its meaning with me in the vicinity.  The rules of civility go out the window and so do dignity and self-respect. I am the humble body spray as imagined by marketers.

I acknowledge Moms from their babies is going to be the biggest challenge but I am in the business of shooting for the stars and seducing the bride on her wedding day.

I stay away from only one type of a female, and that too as a matter of principle; who in their right mind would try to wean a lesbian from her girlfriend?



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