GMAT profiles: Volume 1

In order to make sense of this volume, you’d have to have recent experience of visiting GMAT/MBA forums where applicants from all over the world put up their credentials/life history and ask the experts to weigh their chances of getting an admit to their dream B-School.

Umm, I once saw a building on fire and I, the fool that I am, went running up three flights of stairs with complete disregard for my own safety. I found a terrified old woman, slung her across my shoulder (with her permission), and ran down the three flights of stairs. I have over the years rescued various such old women belonging to different ethnicities like Chinese, Arabic, Russian.

Hi, I spent much of my childhood in Afghanistan and I along with my twin sister were the only female students in our village school. The village elders had summoned our parents on many an occasion imploring them to withdraw us from the school for our own safety, but our parents knowing very well how much going to school meant for us were magnanimous enough to never broach the subject and the danger that came along, with us. However, one day, we woke up to the dreaded sight of a Taliban pamphlet nailed to our front door. Knowing fully what that meant, we didn’t even waste time reading the said pamphlet, packed a few belongings at arm’s reach and made our way away from the danger that came knocking at our door while we lay asleep, or so we thought. We had barely left our village at the top of the mountain, that a shell landed nearby and deformed my father and killed my twin sister. While I present to you today my MBA application I felt it appropriate to mention the incident most instrumental in making me the person I am today.

Hello, me Chintu from Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta. A+ grades right from the time I came out of my mother’s womb. Graduated from the premier institute of the country, belong to the top 0.001 percentile. Have worked in the best IT and Telecommunication companies, no compromise, never compromise. Revolutionized their bottomlines with my visionary ideas. Please consider my application. Who knows what I might revolutionize next 😉

Greetings from Africa. I am a major in African cultural studies but what I take pride from and what I want to draw your attention to is the extensive work I’ve done in laying channels across fields and ethnic conflicts and enabling people from various communities access to water. In addition, I have also volunteered in helping raise AIDS awareness and benefits of child vaccination. UN medical agents and their medicines are always viewed with suspicion by the natives, and I have done my bit in stemming that stigma. With this MBA, I plan to start a drug manufacturing plant and distribute the drugs pro-bono.

Hi, I am Stephanie from the wonderful country of Australia. I have represented my country in both Cricket and Football (soccer) world cups. Guess I have got the teamwork dynamic covered. With my MBA, I hope to pick up skills and help enroll even more schoolgirls to the realm of liberation and empowerment that is Sports.

Hello, I am from Tunisia, I have dedicated my life to fighting for the rights of the weaker sex. I was awarded a Nobel peace prize too.

Hey, I am Tony from UK. I have thrived and excelled in the financial underbelly that is our capital. I have worked at RBS, I have worked at Barclays, I have overseen mergers and acquisitions, I would like the MBA to better my claim to the top of the food chain. Oh, I have also volunteered on weekends at soup kitchens and what not.

I have worked in four countries. I have got the international experience and exposure. I speak English, I speak Spanish, I speak German (level-1), I speak French (level-3). I have attended conferences representing my entire division.

I am a veteran of the Balkan wars. I have received various medals of honor and valor over the course of my military years. I have worked as a war games title consultant for EA Sports for many years now. With this MBA, I aim (no pun intended) to restore normalcy to the many lives that were needlessly shattered over the previous two decades.

I am Marcus, a policeman from the crime-ridden sodom that South Africa has degenerated into. I have stopped many a bullet while on service and lived to tell the tale. With a baby on the way, my wife and I felt it wouldn’t be prudent to be out there catching bullets no more.

I am Batman.

My favorite is the typical Indian that is Chintu from Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta.


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