Markets are the darndest things

They react as if promises made are promises fulfilled, as if policies in consideration are policies in existence since time immemorial. They tend to predict the future and act as if they are a part of that very future which they create. Markets always exist in their own little parallel universes, and the politicians in order to appease the markets, go about setting agenda designed to fix the problems of those alternate universes, and invariably end up hurting those in the real world.

A case:

“The incoming Prime Minister has proposed weakening the yen to stimulate exports. Though the money markets are nervous of direct central government action towards that end, Mr. Abe’s statements themselves may have helped cause the yen to slide by 6 per cent between early November and the election date.”

As you can see, the phenomenon of telekinesis seems to be well grounded in the world of economics. Don’t know about you, but all this reminds me of Rian Johnson’s Looper. Also, I can now see why Paul Krugman decided to take up a profession in Economics after reading a series of sci-fi novels written by Isaac Asimov.



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