Dealing with parliamentary disruptions, streaker style.

Streakers. Wouldn’t you enjoy the sight of a streaker being tackled to the ground by irate obese security guards? Then, why is it that they refuse to broadcast it? They refuse to broadcast it lest it encourage more people to indulge in the act. 

Cut to the pandemonium in our assemblies and parliaments. It’s so blatantly obvious that the methods they take up to voice their opposition are choreographed and rehearsed to pander to those sitting in their living rooms with a big ass tv on the wall (or a small ass tv on a desk). They are players playing to the gallery, actors performing for their audience, strippers pole-dancing for their livelihoods. So, wouldn’t the most simplest solution to frequent disruptions and unruly infantile behavior be cutting away from such acts as and when they take place? The moment they rush towards the well is the moment a streaker jumps over onto the field. 

Once this becomes the norm and once they realize that there’s no one watching back home to gush about how brave they were snatching away that mike and throwing that chair, they’ll stop doing it. You know suspensions aren’t cutting it when the perpetrators start touting them about as a medal of honor.  Suspend the telecast, not the member. Best punitive action ever. You can thank me later. 


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