The Punch


You’re not the movies that you watch

You’re not the quotes that you quote

You’re not the things that you like

You’re not your FB profile.

You’re not the status message you use as bait

You’re not the smileys you use as a shield

You’re not the fake guffaws you convey

You’re not your Gtalk avatar.

You’re not your music library

You’re not the songs that you scrobble

or the songs that you love

You’re not your top artists

Stop flaunting your page like it was you.

You’re not the 140 characters you limit yourself to

You’re not the tweets that you retweet

You’re not the sly DMs that you send (looking at you Weiner)

Your value is not correlated to the number of followers you have.

You’re not the mails you compose

You’re not the replies and the fake composure

You’re not the mails you prioritise

You’re just fucking spam.

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake

You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else

We are all a part of the same compost heap.

Artcic Monkey (intervening): Er.. thank you Tyler, but don’t you realize you’re just a hallucination of a nameless guy who’s got an imaginary gun stuck in his awkwardly open mouth?


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