The Social Experiment

The Notice:

” Anyone willing to allow a 6ft stranger into their living room to watch the Champions League final. I promise to not only behave but also support whichever team you support.

Cheers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        22 yr old from c2-1102 (you may contact me using the intercom or the elevator)”

//End of notice//

If anyone does reply, I totally plan to not go empty-handed. I’ll go bearing gifts, i.e snacks and drinks (but I didn’t put it up there in the notice since I didn’t want to sound too, for lack of a better word, desperate).

The Chances:

There are 7 blocks, with a notice board serving each one. 800 families is the tentative count, but since the community is relatively new and not all apartments are taken, let’s assume there are 500 families right now.

The proportion of football viewing families goes up as you move up the economic ladder, don’t you think? So, let’s say, 1/4th of these families are into the game. The chances of anyone looking at their notice board are pretty slim, marginal in fact. Let’s go with an optimistic 1/20, anyway. Of the football viewing families who do glance at the notice board, lets say 1/5 are comfortable with having a stranger over (keep in mind that the stranger I speak of is a part of their “community” and thereby a lesser stranger).

Also, take into account the fact that I don’t have a printer and moreover don’t intend to write the notice 7 times over. I’ll probably just go for one and hurt my chances. (This one block which I’m a part of can accommodate 130 families and presumably 75 are in.)

Doing the math, the chances of me getting invited to a stranger’s house to watch the Champions league final between Barcelona and Manchester United (thank you God) will be…………. 0.1875 families. That’s less than 1, isn’t it? I know where this notice is going.




6 thoughts on “The Social Experiment

  1. my roomies see football and we live in a damn good place. so, you are welcome to join them. but, drinks in my room mean strictly alcoholic. you prepared for that? 😉

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