Mediocrity and You (part-1)

What do you do when you find something written by a person you’re comfortable interacting with totally bereft of any sense and intellectually devoid?

Do you

a) Leave a comment vaguely indicating as such and append a ‘:P’ towards the end?

b) Not even risk firing a blank, even though deep within you want to empty a whole cartridge of live ammunition?

c) Just shrug your shoulders, think of that time you wrote something as stupid, and forgive each and everyone and thank the lord for giving you a chance a live?

d) Deliberately choose to ignore the shortcomings and amplify the positive aspects of this friend, having read thus in a self-help book?

e) Do the above step unconsciously?

f) Take a high stand and refrain from judging (in other words, are you a vegetable)?

g) Act according to the mood you are in?

h) Just tear him/her a new one and tell them how exactly you feel?

i) Be a sycophant and agree with, nay praise, the piece for being so marvelously insightful and thought provocative?

j) Say “keep writing” ?

k) Not leave a comment but show the work to every passerby and get a big laugh off it?

l) Begin to hold the person in a lower esteem?

m) Not give a crap as you are a “happy go lucky” kinda person and forget it was ever written.

(Not even the alphabet-handicap can put a cap on the number of options. Humans are so diverse that the number of ways they think in, if you stop to think about it, are countably infinite. Think 13’s as good a number as any to come to a premature stop then. Feel free to share if the way you react isn’t one among the first 13 that came off my head)

p.s: In case, you had to read the opening sentence more than once, I apologize.


4 thoughts on “Mediocrity and You (part-1)

  1. Give people space for expression, irrespective of what you think of their expression itself. Why? Blame the democracy.

    1. you went a step further, you speak of allowance and dis-allowance, while all I speak of is dissing and its lack of. Always blame the democracy \m/

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