Hello IIIT Blogroll! Long time no see. What took you so long to get back up? Some of us lose our spirits on seeing you down and don’t bother to bring ourselves to write. Please don’t go down for so long ever again. As it is, Twitter and Facebook are eating into your share and providing us people with platforms ready-made to vent our reactions there and then, instead of say, bottling them up, organizing them neatly, cherry-picking the words, airbrushing the punctuations, accentuating the effectiveness, and hitting the ‘Publish’ button.

You know you are up against it Blogroll, when a half-baked semi-witty rushed-through status on your rivals’ platforms gets more love (or should I say ‘Like’) than a completely coherent, thoroughly thought out, time devoting outpouring of honest emotions over here.

Better pick up your game, before we attention-deficit players go elsewhere seeking fame.


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