Telangana movie no.2

Hi! I’m a Telugu film director. You may haven’t heard much about me but that’s for a good reason, as you will find out towards the end of this post. I don’t know about the directors from the rest of the world but I take pride in how our directors seem to effortlessly bring in contemporary events and smoothly fit them in to the movie’s storyline. Take Vedam for instance, last lo vaalandarini Mumbai events style lo kalapattam, masterstroke asalu. Hats-off.

So, you know, I too was on the look out for such real happenings to base my movie on, anamaata. By chance or divine intervention, it so happened that while surfing channels, okka channel lo tank bund vandalisation was being shown and immediately, in the very next channel, the Japan Tsunami was on. Unbelievable kadha asalu. Nenu basically, I’m a very creative person, chinnapudu ninche teachers, relatives… all of them used to praise me for my creativeness anamaata.

Anyway, I had to put my creative talent to the test here. I felt compelled by every spirit of every Telugu film director of all time to combine the two events into one. Me being from the Andhra region (as all meaningful directors are) had no misgivings about what my extremely gifted mind churned out. I love  Telugu, I would’ve written this in Telugu but because of the sensitive nature of my story, and the insensitiveness of the Telangana kranthikaris, I was literally forced into writing this in English anamaata. If you are from outside Andhra Pradesh and are unable to grasp, let me just make it clear by saying that Telangana biddas can’t read English. If a person is from Telangana and learns English, he automatically loses the ‘Telangana Bidda status’. That’s because their leaders want the statistics to be dismal, but that’s a long story and I’m sure some other enterprising director from Andhra is making a movie on this story right now. (BTW, by Andhra, I mean AP minus Telangana. No apardhaalu please)

So, coming back to naa story, I’ll just give a sneak peek. Motham chepesthe, malli producers dorakaru. (Enti andi, okkadu dorukuthaada? Vijayawada athana?) So ready? chepesthunna.

Helicopter shot (Dhoni dhi kaadhu, the other one). Miscreants are approaching the Tank Bund statues with an intent to destroy, our hero jumps from God knows where, right on to the top of Gautam Buddha statue. Ok cut that, let’s say our hero is tied to the top of the Goutham Buddha statue. He’s helpless, they’re reaching, he’s struggling, they’re moving closer, he can’t be there in time, they are almost there. Hero starts praying, there’s some kind of a movement beneath the surface, what is it? Hero continues praying, the water starts rising… Next emi avuthudho cheputhe, movie dhi surprise element will be lost. Bring your whole family along and watch it on the big screen. Complete family entertainer.

Mahesh Babu ki ee idea chepaanu, he’s very excited anamaata. He even excitedly pointed out to me his previous work experience in this area.  Adhi andi sangathi.

P.S: This will be my first movie. Kummesanu kadhu 😉


4 thoughts on “Telangana movie no.2

  1. nee writing style telugu lo kooda adirindi. story vintene inkoka anji+devi putrudu+dasavataram – khaleja (read as excluded) + shakti* range lo anipisthundi :P. inkevaru aina ayi vunte skip kotte vadini, but nee story kabati torrent download chesukuni mari choostanu :D.

    * T&C applied.

  2. Hero gadu only praying ayithe flop ee..
    konni keka lanti ideas ista .. so vinuko

    1. gattiga gali oodite .. jalanu jaripodam
    2. hero mundu vekakki oogi .. statue ni motham oopadam ..

    ilantivi ayithe 100 days 200 centers 😀

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