Literary Review

Maids, slow pajama’d men, queue up for more,

as air-kissed/air-kissing amateurs loaf round the line,

appalled by their uncool and vernac chore,

their there-but-not-there air declares in mime

to passing anglophones, the maid’s day off. ( By Mukul Kesavan)

“People use ‘gaali’ when lacking words. An intelligent man does not abuse. He uses measured words. When a child picks up an expletive on the street, the mother always scolds him. If abuse were really a form of developing expression, the mother would have probably hailed the child!”- Mrinal Pande

With the Indianisation of English, the new breed of speakers and writers is creating its own version of the language; sans elegance, sans structure, sans finer nuances…….

Creative Writing…..

Now that your appetite has been suitably whetted, just pick up the damn supplement, will you?






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