Day 43: The One Where I Watch a Movie

Woke up at 9:00. The weather was cold. Could’ve gone back to my gratifying sleep but no, I had a movie to catch. Called a friend, no response. Let him snuggle till 10:00. Picked up the newspaper. Saw the caption “Hollywood’s Best” next to the image of the movie I wanted to see. Immediately called the friend, still no reply. Fuck it, I can do it alone. I can watch a movie about 500 million friends without the company of any friend. (too corny?)

Stepped out onto the street in record time. No time to take a bath of course. The net was down in the room, so I had to reach a cyber cafe to look up which part of Delhi I’d have to go to. Quick story: “In Delhi, in order to get access to a system in a cyber cafe, you’ll have to furnish residential proof along with a passport size photograph the first time you go. Then, you’re given a code so that you don’t have to keep submitting a photograph every time. Of course, you’ll have to do it all over again in case you go to a different cafe”. Anyway, I say this because the center where I had a code hadn’t opened yet, and I had no passport size photographs to go to another.

So I hailed a rickshaw and went to the only place I go to daily- the coaching institute. Why I did this I have no idea. Maybe the idea was to hold up a placard asking random students to accompany me to the movie (clearly inspired by the real estate brokers who just stand there displaying their visiting cards tirelessly all day long everyday in front of the institute). Luckily, the friend had responded by now, and even better, he knew a place.

So I boarded the Metro, which was on this day far less attractive than the last time I so fondly remember, and alighted at Connaught Place and bought movie tickets (which cost a measly 240 per head). The problem was I was two hours early. Neither the friends nor the movie was happening before that. I started going around the place in circles. Stepped into the central park in between. Boy, was that a bad decision! They should seriously put up a warning and/or restrict access to that park.

(Footnote: Also stepped into a southern restaurant which charged me a cool Rs.84 for a dosa. Don’t be alarmed, it was because of the service tax, the dosa only cost 75.)

After fumbling away the two hours hence, the friends were there and off to watch the movie we went. I peek into the ‘screen’ and whom do I see? Fucking Seth Rogen! It’s the trailer of his upcoming would-be blockbuster Green Hornet! Woohoo! totally worth the ticket already.

The movie started, it grabbed my attention, it briefly let go during the interval, had me back in its grasp soon after, and didn’t let go till it was done. It was that kind of  a movie. Kinda Dark Knight-esque in that regard. Since I had briefly read the book the movie was based on, I thought I was able to instantly make out the two simultaneous law suits. However, would newbies be able to grasp it, or would they be confused and unsettled? Would the movie have been better if Fincher just shot it in a linear manner by clearly building up to the law suits?, Or maybe the newbies get more out of the movie by being able to connect the dots themselves as the movie goes on. What say newbies? Which way would you’ve enjoyed more?

Wasn’t impressed with Andrew Garfield’s Google images once he was cast as the Spiderman, but after watching the movie, consider me bought. Well done casting guys, he’s got it in him to surpass Tobey Maguire even.

That theater, which I went to, has an offer which entitles one to a free weekday ticket on buying 3 weekend tickets, so I’ve got a big incentive to go watch a movie in that awesome-ly seated theater once again.

Get back to you once I do that. Doesn’t mean I won’t before that.


5 thoughts on “Day 43: The One Where I Watch a Movie

  1. “. No time to take a bath of course. …”
    lol Delhi must be pretty cold right now so I guess its okay 😛

    Digressing a bit …. this Garfield chap is part of the reboot thing of spiderman films right ? And not exactly a continuity of the prev three spiderman movies ??

  2. Hey I (newbie) think the movie was pretty good. The screenplay, even though a bit confusing at the start, it all made sense at the end. I could pretty easily connect the dots.

    And reg. spiderman reboot, dude!! do you really think Garfiled would be a better spiderman? One thing I like about the old franchise, was Tobey Maguire. He was genuinely honest in his performances. But considering that this reboot is about spiderman and his high school chronicles, tobey would have been a tad bit old :D. Btw the love interest would be Gwen Stacy and marry jane a close friend.

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