The Fastrack Debaucheries

Remember the Axe Dark Temptation ad with the chocolate man that was deemed ” indecent, vulgar and repulsive” by our esteemed Information and Broadcasting Ministry. Our moral torch-bearer also went on to “advice its member channels not to telecast the ad or any such advertisement with indecent, vulgar or suggestive theme to avoid any punitive action in future”.

Then how come no action has been taken against the Fastrack move-on campaign? It’s so vulgar, crude and obvious that our I&B Ministry has failed to see through it (kinda ironic). They could supposedly see through the hidden suggestions/innuendos of the foreign commercial but also fail to see the crass Indian commercials for what they were.

At least, in the Axe commercial, one gets a feeling that the girls were overwhelmed, i.e in a sense, the girls aren’t shown to be inherently morally depraved. In the fastrack commercials, however, we clearly get to see how girls consciously crave for promiscuous sex (which translates to morally reprehensible and disgusting in India). So, I guess the Ministry through its inaction is saying ‘Depravity by Choice’ FTW?

In defence of the axe commercial, sex isn’t even suggested, only a craving for chocolate as opposed to the open craving for libido in the case of Fastrack. I just don’t understand how the culture depicted and promoted by Fastrack can escape the ire of the I&B ministry when far less harmful ads like Dark Temptation couldn’t.

p.s: Girls okay with Fastrack ideology should have means to let us boys know, right? Wear some sort of a wristband perhaps πŸ˜‰

p.s 2: The latest batch of Fastrack commercials like that of Kohli, and Denim are much better made (or atleast feature better lookers) and therefore, aren’t to be subjected to criticism.

(A special shout-out to the Fastrack EXbox commercials which though designed to be inspirational ended up repulsive.)

The gesture never looked uglier.


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