Shortcuts to success

No, I don’t mean cheating in exams, copying projects from seniors, rephrasing statements of purpose, claiming credit for what you didn’t do, marrying someone out of your league. What I’m going to talk about involves the subtle, the ludicrous.

Previously, I had, in passing, mentioned how easy it is to develop a positive attitude. For the benefit of those who’ve missed that (that would mean everyone apart from me), I’m going to repeat. Now that I’ve built it up, there’s no way you’re going to miss it again (unless you run out of patience after reading this very statement and close the tab).

Just see to it that your handwriting slants to the right. You know how they keep saying your employers judge your personality from your handwriting. If you do it once, you’re duping your employer, if you do it again and again you’re duping yourself into becoming a more ideal person. Simple and subtle right? Just change the angle and your whole thought processes get re-wired.

Hold on, don’t start practicing the trick yet, I got a newer trick to share with you (btw, try saying that sentence with a Guy Ritchie British accent, it sounds kinda beautiful). This trick has been in vogue with armies all around the world. You, like me, would have undoubtedly seen it in movies but, (once again) like me, would’ve dismissed it as a needless eccentric anal thing.

As it turns out, people who are high on conscientiousness will most likely be hardworking and reliable, or in other words, successful. Not necessarily smart, but successful. Meanwhile, “people who are low on conscientiousness are not necessarily lazy or immoral, but they tend to be more laid back, less goal oriented, and less driven by success”.

Hence, once you start being tidy and orderly, nothing can go wrong for you. Likewise, if you complete a task in 20 days with a beard, you are likely to complete it within 10 days with a clean-shaven face. This totally goes against the principle of saving on time by not shaving everyday! Unbelievable, right?

“Low levels of conscientiousness are strongly associated with procrastination”. So now you know what to do when you feel like postponing doing something, just tidy yourself or your closet or sweep your driveway. Also, if you are a boss caught up in a sticky situation of having to fire someone, fire the person whose desk is the most cluttered. Saves you from going through their past contributions to the company and all.

If you aim to be a successful man, then being spick and span is your best possible plan (insert a big white shiny smile here).

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2 thoughts on “Shortcuts to success

  1. your writing gets better from post to post. adding to that, they are even getting weirder. for people like me it is better if we not “try and make sense of the posts” but rather “sit back and enjoy your witty/sarcastic writing style” 😀 (a big 😀 here)

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