Sports fan science fiction

Consider a person who bets in such a way that he stands to gain money when his favorite team loses. He unwittingly does this thinking he will be happy irrespective of the result. After a while, he realizes he doesn’t care about losing money as long as his team wins, and he feels happy for that. However, what he fails to foresee is his subconscious associating earning money with misery.

What happens at the end? The poor guy quits his job, and his family him.


4 thoughts on “Sports fan science fiction

  1. losing ur flair ?!! srsly jus 2 paragraphs not evn doing justice to da title ..!!
    down in dumps after losing da fantasy ; eh ?!

    1. The great footballer Rama Reddy decides to comment!

      Converting those 2 paras into a longer story requires patience and effort, so just the gist.

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