Green Zone (In the movie’s defense)

Green Zone isn’t a bad movie. It isn’t even a movie that should divide critics. Then why has it?, and Is the movie as good as the Bourne movies?

Let’s deal with the critics first. Going into a movie directed by Paul Greengrass and led by Matt Damon, they must’ve had higher expectations than usual. But after watching the movie, they shouldn’t have been all that disappointed. Sure the film doesn’t provide witty dialogue, subtlety and all such aspects but that’s because the director wanted to make a direct movie with no compromises. Surely you can’t label a movie ‘rotten’ just because the movie didn’t turn up according to your pre-conceived notions of how a movie ought to be!

The much touted unflinching patriotism of the Americans might have also contributed to the movie’s early demise. The movie shows the Americans in bad light and most of the movie it’s a USA vs USA derby hosted in Iraq. Iraqis aren’t portrayed as villains and Americans aren’t portrayed as heroes with shiny moral values. Did the script leave any room for the movie to become a commercial hit then? I don’t think so.

If you are the sort who looks up the IMDB page of a movie before watching it, don’t get fooled by the assertive statements made on the forum. If you bother to look into them false allegations, you will become aware that those detrimental remarks have less to do with the movie, and more to do with Damon’s political views. Some Americans are apparently so pissed by Damon’s take on policies that they’ve taken all the trouble to initiate a distasteful propaganda against all his movies. Should actors risk their investors’ revenue returns and comment on politically divisive  issues?

There’s no doubting the ‘freshness’ of the movie. If you don’t trust me, just refer to the NY Times review or  the 4/4 review of Roger Ebert. How can you not like a movie that features Greengrass’ action sequences accompanied by John Powell’s score?

The movie doesn’t reach up to the heights of the Bourne movies simply because it ain’t an Europe trotting spy fiction penned by Robert Ludlum.

Go watch in a theatre. BTW, I haven’t come across a single desi reviewer who didn’t like it, be it on twitter or on TV.


4 thoughts on “Green Zone (In the movie’s defense)

  1. so matt daemon is hollywood’s version of Jr.N.T.R. Do you remember the recent hustle surrounding the movie “adhurs” ? Ofcourse this movie was a dud. Good for movie buffs that green zone is good.

      1. :P. daemon ani type chesetapude doubt vachindi :D. btw jr.n.t.r ante mazak kaadu. he does more business here than damon :P.

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