The Ultimate Post

Attention all readers, this blog’s gonna self-destruct in….. (i don’t know, haven’t made up my mind on the auspicious time yet). Anyhoo, the thing is this blog will be deleted forever.

The domain name had it coming for some time now. I tried to move on to blah but that sorry piece of sh*t showed no ambition and was satisfied with just movies and sports. Big loser showing no ambition to make it big is that spineless one. So the self proclaimed highness continued to exist but the wish to move on persisted.

I don’t know how but while working on the economics term paper this morning, I came across a link explaining how to move an account from wordpress to blogger. (Makes one wonder if  I was trying to siphon information for the TP from blogs, doesn’t it)

Just like that, the days of His holiness were numbered and he found himself relocated to a chair, set atop a time bomb, from his throne. The days of monarchy are well over now.

So will there be a new blog? Yes, of course dear. Rising from the ashes of the monarchy, there will bray a new donkey which won’t resist any pimping. (I’m looking at you your holiness 😐 )

Ok that’s enough. New blog will be here

Had originally intended to name the domain antarcticdonkey (hail lack of imagination), but a friend suggested something else which sounded better. So settled with that. See you there then, so long.

Shut up you’————-‘ rauldegr8! 

p.s1:- Care to fill in that blank with an adjective?

p.s2:- Old posts will all be over there obviously. 

p.s 3:- Intentional Pun in the title 😀


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