Blogging with eyes on Twittering

Blogging is out, Twittering is in. Funnily enough, the newspaper too said that.

IPL semifinalists:- Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi. Hyderabad in the early lead for fourth.

Did you know that rap stars release an album or two and go into producing, and help others in releasing their albums? I’m too kinda helping out others with their blog posts, instead of writing my own.  

Must have IPL merchandise:- RCB’s jersey of Dravid and Deccan Chargers’ trendy Puma cap.

Sorry to disappoint by not writing anything. 

Ferrari’s struggling big time. My twitterings on the same:-

1) Brains in ferrari left with Brawn

2) What’s Kallis doing in the playing XI and moreover, why’s he slated to become the captain after KP leaves. Dumb as a Ferrari, it is

3) Super kings are wasting Albie!, looks like everyone’s bought a Ferrari 😦

4) 140 chars are way too short on space to roll out all the Ferraris from RCB’s garage


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