Buen Trabajo Rojos

Dud-> Do you know why’s football back here?  

Dude-> No man, i can’t bear the suspense. Please don’t keep me waiting any longer, please… please… por favor

Dud-> You know how much i hate drama. Corta el rollo

Dude-> Cut the crap in Spanish, huh. I won’t even point out the irony there

Dud-> Football’s here because the other blog doesn’t facilitate the posting of more than one image per page

Dude-> I can’t believe i’ve been living my life without knowing that. If you’ll excuse me now, i need to go and get a life 

Dud->That guy’s simply unbelievable. Sus comentarios estaban cargados de sarcasmo



Liverpool have at long last begun to justify their ranking as the top team in European club football. With the Spanish national team winning the Euro, it would be only a matter of following it up if Liverpool are to win the CL (Barca might have a point if they say they are more Spanish, but we all know they ain’t got a chance).  



Rafa is blamed for every point dropped and every goal not scored. So with the goals pouring in, shouldn’t Rafa be praised even a wee bit ?  (was searching for his huge flag to put up actually, but couldn’t find it)


Torres looks rejuvenated and a torrid Manchester United defense made him look all the more so. May be it was the other way round, the defense were made to look torrid by Torres



Gerrard leading from the front. How many times have we seen that? I’m tired of that cliche too


Aurelio looked like a tidy school boy in that hair style of his, and that free-kick was exactly that- Tidy and accurate 


Alonso was missing from action due to injury. The last time this happened, Liverpool won 5-1 at St. James’. Don’t fool yourself, they also crashed to humiliating draws without him and with the help of Mr.Lucas

[The pictures have been nicely symmetric thus far only because i copied all of these from a single site. Hope the guy doesn’t get pissed off if ever he comes across this blatant disregard for copyright]



No matter how convincing the score line, Rafa’s team are not in serious contention for the premiership yet again. He may be a brilliant tactician in European games but he has come a cropper time after time in domestic competitions. Don’t give the excuse of the unavailability of a strong squad. He has had plenty of time to strengthen it but he has just messed up his transfer calls.  Just look at the whole Robbie Keane deal and at the thought of bringing in Barry in place of Alonso. Sure he did a great job by getting him here in the first place and winning the CL in his debut season but that’s simply not enough.


Will he be able to do that again? I hope he does (and that too by beating Man Utd enroute) but a lot would depend on the fitness of Torres and Gerrard, and Reina keeping his head. 


p.s:- Let’s pray for Chelsea not being drawn up against Liverpool. Yawn

p.s 2:- The title allegedly means “nice going reds”. Rojo means red but rojos, i don’t think means reds


2 thoughts on “Buen Trabajo Rojos

  1. For better of worse, Liverpool are stuck with Rafa, for the next season atleast. Seeing that the common complaint against him is that he “doesnt know the league”, if he were to leave, there is absolutely no other manager “proven” enough in the BPL to replace him. Except Mourinho who is hated at Anfield.

    Liverpool have 13 points from 5 matches in the “Big-4-mini-league”, and have dropped 11 points in the last 9 matches. That shows a good 1st team, but a squad which isnt good enough. ManU’s 18 man squad yesterday was worth ~ 175 million (without counting inflation), Liverpool’s was worth ~ 105 million.

    Messing up transfer calls? Except a loss of 5 mil on Keane and 3 mil on Morientes, he has never sold at a significant loss. Besides, doing so well in Europe means he brings in an extra 15-20 million pounds in revenue per season.

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