Pointless Banter

My Laptop’s keyboard has decided to fall apart and looks like the ‘Ctrl’ button has taken the initiative of leading from the front. That would have made a lot more sense had the laptop belonged to a CSE student obsessed with running a not-ending-till-midnite deadline-arriveth loop of cut-copy-paste, but as it stands it belongs to an ECE student. So pardon me for wondering aloud “what the fuck” .

If anything the key responsible for printing the letter ‘I’ should have bitten the dust first considering the number of times i use it in my posts. I seriously should consider not taking potshots at my own style of writing. That field of vocation as it is, seems to be- filled to the brim, packed like sardines, as tight as Mcgrath’s line, as crowded as Mumbai’s trains and weekend multiplexes. A word of caution -Considering all the metaphors used to indicate the high levels of density, It might not be long before the dreaded Terrorists decide to take a shot, so run for your lives people, just leave the poor guy alone 🙂


p.s 1:- The portrayal of a “typical CSE student” was originally done by Phani Deepak(UG2k6)

p.s 2:- Just wanted to see what the heck ‘poll daddy’ was all about


7 thoughts on “Pointless Banter

  1. Even though the post is in the same league as those in which you act as a self critic this one has a good ‘sarcastic-rahulistic’ sense of humour. But don’t try that too often, it gets stale.

  2. I read the post, but I care two hoots to actually take part in a poll which asks people’s opinions about it. Writing comments is more individualized, and doesn’t make people feel they’re being treated as part of a crowd. You’d love be part of a crowd, but for things worthier than this one.

  3. people who feel lazy to comment find voting to be a viable alternative sadly

    i am for comments but barring you no one else comments most of the time. Others too mite feel the same way (Writing comments is more individualized, and doesn’t make people feel they’re being treated as part of a crowd) but they don’t take the effort of putting it in words on some stranger’s blog as they simply don’t find it necessary

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