A brief unauthorised glimpse into a Felicity 2k9 co-coordinator’s mental state

My friend Vijay-the Felicity co-coordinator wanted some help in order to capture the spirit of Felicity in words and these are the replies which he received earlier in the day

1)A rip-off of last year’s well-written brochure

2)An insanely desperate attempt-at-humor passage :- 

Once every year there dawns upon us an event which goes by an ‘F’ word. The speciality about this event, apart from the fact that it’s so ‘f’ing good, is the way it is presented. It’s straight from the heart, it’s frank and it’s in no way inhibited by all the formal constraints. So why just stand and stare like a grumpy, rigid, cliched corporate boss when you can so easily jump on the ‘F’ ride and have a blast. By the way, we will ensure foolproof security to prevent blasts of the other kind.

The poor guy as a result of such co-operation and not to mention all the stress involved in the assuagement of underlying ego-conflicts believes that one day he might become like John Malkovich in the movie “Being John Malkovich”. The only difference he quotes “would be the replacement of the words “malkovich,malkovich,malkovich……” by “felicity,felicity,felicity…….” ”

p.s:- I don’t claim ownership of this post


8 Replies to “A brief unauthorised glimpse into a Felicity 2k9 co-coordinator’s mental state”

  1. reee asalu em rasav ra vadigurinchi malli pedda show blog “rasa blog rasa blog rasa vijay gadi meeda” 😕 ani… malli okkakkalla mohalu adedo “abbbaa asalu em dobbadu ra rahul gadu blog lo” annattuuu 😀 , tuuu neee y***a sarigga rayi beyyy… 😛 tata

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