Philosophy, UG3 and a three point blah

Is blogging on a day when everyone’s busy blogging a bright choice ? Isn’t there a risk of your blog getting drowned in amidst all the view points being strewn around as if there would be no other day to blog?

Anyway, i respect the initiative taken and this is the least that i could do.

1) Philosophical Blah ?:-

We are born, cared,clothed, fed, cleaned, fed more, enrolled, praised, scolded, appreciated, ridiculed,failed, passed, elated, selected, counselled,ragged, “enlightened”, celebrated, assessed, questioned, hired, loved, fired, dumped, re-hired, retired, admitted, cried, stereo typed but not once, do we look at the big picture.

For a child, a big picture is that which hangs on his bedroom wall. For a young student, the big picture is marks. For a teenager the big picture is trying to appear cool. For a young man, the big picture is career and thus, each stage of our life passes on but ultimately, at the end of the day all that there is, is a life wasted.

Why do people immerse themselves in meaning-less activities like learning about things which they know they won’t be doing/using? Let me tell you a story.

Long Long ago but not so long ago when monkeys had evolved into humans and humans having eaten Center fresh had domesticated donkeys and farmed and discovered and invented and industrialized and termed themselves Civilized, a blunder came into being and the blunder kept growing everyday because no human cared to stand up to it and those who did were dismissed as sinners /outlaws/losers. Thus, we are where we are. (end of story)

We study hard through out our childhood and then we work even harder through out our adulthood and then we live no more. For a child who enjoys reading and for an adult who enjoys working, this system is fine, error-proof, stainless steel and what not, but for those who don’t like the whole concept of forced academics, 9-5 work and many other such established notions this life is just a Circus.

Originally, i had planned to elaborate the above views and come with a counter-perspective for the same, but having learned that Gandhi(ji) also had some similar thoughts about civilization i decided not to dwell on the whole issue. Just for the record, Gandhi(ji) came up with his theory after spending many years in rascist RSA where as i came up with something similar after just a couple of years in this College. (No inferences are encouraged)

2) UG-3 (exclusive) Blah:-

What’s wrong with UG-3? They seem to be obsessed with the usage of terms like “power thirst” and “politics”. Until yesterday this disease was foreign to the “southerners” but the anticipatory “over hyped” CR elections saw to it that no one was left untouched.

First it was for Felicity, now it is for CR, devil knows what they’ll end up fighting for next time around. As a matter of fact, if Blogging were to be considered seriously by them, they might even blame the adjudicators of the “Blog of the Week” of indulging in power hungry politics.

3) A 3 point Blah:-

i) Prevention is better than Cure

ii) What cannot be prevented must be cured and what cannot be cured must be endured

iii) What cannot be endured must be endured with a greater effort

There’s just no escaping (I say it once again, inferences are not encouraged).

p.s:- I’m also aware of the advantages associated with blogging today. SO please don’t waste your time by trying to point them out.

p.s 2:- The usage of the term “philosophy” is debatable


9 thoughts on “Philosophy, UG3 and a three point blah

  1. The world is fine out here.
    The CR elections thing was out and out drama by some guys.
    As far as felicity is concerned, we ain’t gonna waste this occasion. Wait and Watch.

  2. 1)For information on the CR elections, you will have to go through the mails exchanged b/w the parties at war.

    2)I couldn’t get the “i ain’t the joker” joke (i assumed it to be a joke)

    3) i would like to thank you (Aniket) for creating a custom made award and presenting to me and also congratulate myself for being a worthy recipient 😛

    4) i’m sure that felicity this year will be extra-ordinary, just like the one last year and the one before last year and…….

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