Rules of the House for the Squatters of the Fifth House and a “tag line”

It seems that the existence of a fifth House was mooted* recently at a “Parliament session”. I don’t exactly know what else was said about it since i wasn’t there. I am actually nowhere at most of the times and that makes me a faithful member of this “fifth house”.

Before i became a member of this fifth house, i was put into a house well known for it’s notoriously non-functional intake . On hindsight, me being put up there was a masterstroke from whoever concerned with such putting up activities. You must be knowing that it is okay for a Jew to joke about a Jew, himself being a Jew. So it must also be okay for me to joke about my non-fifth house having been a member of it myself.

“But who am i to comment on their performance and what worth would such comments be since i myself don’t perform”. To clarify matters, I am not a student of this school of thought and secondly, You would have no objection to the things written here if you too weren’t one. Anyway, i ain’t gonna comment on the show put up by this house on Fresher’s Nite. So irrespective of which school you hail from, you shouldn’t be having any objection(s).

So changing tracks and jumping on to the bandwagon of the fifth house, let me propose a few basic rules for this house:-

1) No member shall ever participate in any inter-house events and it would be better if one didn’t even know about them in the first place.

2) The membership of the house should be strictly confidential and the members are supposed to move under the cover of other houses (we all know which house has the biggest umbrella for this purpose).

3) Thou shalt be ashamed not for being such an inactive component and non-existent participant.

4)Thou shalt observe “International Day of Apathy” every day.

5) Finally, excessive amateurish usage of Shakespearean may lead to nauseousness and should be avoided at all times.

p.s 1:-Is this post a plausible entrant for the “Blog of the week” event?, I couldn’t have cared less

p.s 2:- Will the above p.s have any bearing upon the verdict ?, once again i couldn’t have cared any less

p.s 3:- My non-existent brother aged 2, came up with a tag for Felicity (aah, the mention of the name brings back sweet memories) and it goes something like

Felicity->no need for any publicity

(* denotes the words whose usage i have no idea about, but nevertheless ended up using).


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