The Se7en Sins -> Reloaded, uploaded and ready to be dissected

The Pope hasn’t yet featured in this blog. So i guess i owe the hypocrites one for their leader. Don’t you think that the Vatican doubles up as a haven for a bunch of hypocrites?

Well, not all might agree with that but as far as the virtual world goes, there is no doubting that the Blogosphere is the safest haven for real life hypocrites ( Don’t cringe mate, i ain’t referring to you).

So coming back to the Pope, i happen to be more interested in his place of residence than in his “majesty”. The thing about his P.O.R* is that recently a list of an additional seven new sins came out from there. In case you missed the movie Se7en *ing Brad Pitt, the existing list was something like this:-

a) Pride

a.k.a ego is what everyone’s actually entitled to but some people bitten by hypocrisy refuse to acknowledge.

b) Envy

Common Name- Jealousy

Widespread among students

c) Gluttony

Holidays aren’t the right time to be discussing this.

d) Lust

what’s wrong with a healthy sexual appetite?? (oops)

e) Anger

It’s better to explode than to implode !!

f) Greed

Well, greedy students get more marks

g) Sloth

The fact that laziness was even considered shows how much the people of the world are obsessed with the never ending urge to work.

The list has been somewhat extended and now also includes:-

1. “Bioethical” violations such as birth control

2. “Morally dubious” experiments such as stem cell research

3. Drug abuse

4. Polluting the environment

5. Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor

6. Excessive wealth

7. Creating poverty

The decision to include 1,2,3, and 6 isn’t exactly ethical since they abuse an individual’s moral right to do whatever he or she deems is best for him/her.
Here’s another list for you:-

1. Watching movies via illegal downloads instead of going to a theater

2. Making a B-grade movie with A-list actors

3. Including a dog in every ad that you come up with

4. Giving the last over to a spinner in a crunch situation

5. Advocating terrible singers like Himesh

6. Reading blogs instead of writing

7. Blaming yourself for your downfalls

p.s:- I might explain the above 7 sins in a much more detailed manner in the next post. Could have done that right now, but my beloved Bangalore team’s heading onto the field and i don’t want to miss their game irrespective of how much they suck.

(maybe AB could have held on to that last ball catch)


4 thoughts on “The Se7en Sins -> Reloaded, uploaded and ready to be dissected

  1. may be u could change the 6th one of ur list “reading blogs instead of writing”.

    [not that i am a blog reader] ..what if every one thinks of writing [ who is the reader then]……[;)]
    this one is a little diffrent in the list there can be better one added in the list……

  2. i didn’t want it to sound too particular. I didn’t mean ppl to go on writing!!!

    It should be simply simplified to

    “Blogging” as a whole

  3. I dunno buddy. this one went right through my head. Might be HG would’ve caught onto something.. btw what’s with you and zulu men? 😛

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