Farcical Football Fracas

All that i know regarding which team i support is that it ain’t Arsenal. I had no questions over my loyalty couple of seasons ago when Solskjaer and Beckham were part of Manchester United. Their departure coinciding with the arrival of Xabi Alonso meant that i began watching more of Liverpool and less of Manchester United. With the arrival of Ballack, Chelsea too ceased to be a bitter foe.

So right now i am only averse to Arsenal and am very much a neutral when the other three tee off against each other.

Post Match Talk/slang:-

“Li-ver-pool Li-ver-pool, kicking arse was never so cool”-> Rafa, after the trilogy against Arsenal

“There’s no denying that all that we managed to do this season was to get our arse gunned down. Having said that, it was all down to us. The opposition had no part to play in it”-> Arsene Wenger in reply

“Manchester United were kicked in the Ballacks today” -> John Terry after their 2-1 win over the red devils

“I don’t give a shit as to who our opposition will be”-> Sir Alex after reaching the Champions league final.

He was sighted pissing in his pants the next day when Chelsea came through.

Disclaimer:- You can’t just go on writing about football without using slang. Well, actually you can but that wouldn’t do justice to the standards set by the professional players.

My all time favorite football players:-

1) Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (have trouble spelling his name correctly though)

2) Xabi Alonso (give him more free kicks!!!)

3) David Beckham (irrespective of what you might say)

4) Michael Ballack (Chelsea ain’t the team to be playing in)

5) Bojan Kirkic (won’t support Barca though, no way)

p.s:- The order ain’t random.

p.s:- You wouldn’t be the first to discover that this post is utter rubbish. I beat you to that 🙂


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