IPL Talkies- Take 2

“Each team can field only up to four overseas players”. That restriction may not be so restricting for teams like Mumbai but when it comes to Bangalore, it is indeed a mighty selection head ache.

For Delhi:- They went in to their first match with McGrath, Vettori, Geeves and Maharoof. Their squad also comprises of Shoaib Malik, Mohd Asif, Dilshan and AB de Villiers. Based on their opening match performance, common sense would suggest that they replace Vettori and Geeves with Malik and Asif. This would leave them not only with a slightly under strength batting line up but would also leave AB on the bench 😦 .

For Bangalore:- They arguably have the toughest decisions to make. With the overseas squad comprising of Boucher, Kallis, Misbah, Cameron White, Chanderpaul, Steyn, Ross Taylor (and couple of other players), they are sure to have a whale of a time in picking their final XI.
I would want atleast 6 of those in my team at any point of time but…. that’s not what’s gonna happen. So my 4 would be Boucher, Misbah, Chanderpaul and a rotation policy b/w Taylor and Steyn.

As far as the other teams go, i have no issues about them.


2 thoughts on “IPL Talkies- Take 2

  1. please write about something better than the IPL…
    what with the cheerleaders and the players’ gawky outfits, watching channels like miracle network is a better option than max!!!

  2. Hmm, i felt HG would like the cheerleaders. Anyway, miracle network is for dorks like dorky mate, it’s not for you.

    Coming to max, it is indeed a terrible channel. But we can’t help it.

    I am kinda thankful that ESPN-STAR didn’t get the rights. Otherwise the telecast of premier league would have been disrupted and that my friend, is simply unacceptable.

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