Crap available in all shapes ‘n sizes

Disclaimer :- Only for fans of Arctic Monkey (that implies for you as well 🙂 )

Crap 1:-

I tend to fantasize every statement i make which at times completely ruins the total essence of the statement.

For instance, consider the following not so suitable example (but an example nevertheless)

Normal statement:- Ram goes to school

My crappy statement:- The weather’s cool and Ram’s cursing himself for having to go to school

Notice the not so subtle change? I tend to introduce things like that most of the time in order to make the statement look ……….different.

Crap 2:-

I have to submit a “short story” in a week’s time and needless to say, the situation doesn’t look bright.

Here are some professional reviews on the amateurish crap that i so prolifically* dish out :-

1) I use many expressions that are not supported and some which are unspecified

2) I ungrammatically separate the parts of sentences by using commas

Unfortunately for both you and me, i haven’t got many of my writings reviewed. So i’m afraid i can’t add anything more to that list .

Crap 3 :-

I searched rather futilely* for an earlier post where i had scrutinized my own writing. I have realized that the title of the post and the post have no bearing whatsoever on each other.

Crap 4 :-

If you had bothered to read my earlier predictions and then followed the corresponding results you must have noticed my unwavering accuracy 🙂

So that extraordinary strike rate has given me the incentive to make the following outrageous predictions in regard to the to-be draw :-

Manchester United vs Roma
Chelsea vs Liverpool

Schalke vs Fenerbahce

Arsenal vs Barcelona

Things can’t get any more weirder (for now at least)

* i don’t know if these words exist


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