UCL Predictions

Writing a post every other day has become such a pain in parts i don’t wanna explain. So i figured out that a better alternative would be to just shut up and comment on what others have to say/write.

This is in stark contrast to my earlier self when i would just write and write without ever bothering to read what others are up to. Looks like things have changed, but for good or bad, i can’t say. Maybe the recipients of my comments will have something to say about that.

p.s 1:- It seems that i have a problem with commas!!, so please leave them out at your own convenience

p.s 2:- this post ain’t long enuff to be a post. So here are my predictions for today’s and tomorrow’s matches

1) Man Utd to romp home against Lyon

2) Barcelona to do likewise against Celtic

3) Liverpool to hold on to their lucky lead (match’s on 11th BTW)

4) Arsenal may go through or not depending on whether they score or not

5) Real Madrid to get knocked out by Roma

6) Chelsea to beat Olympiakos

It’s 1:15 which means i’m gonna leave this thing abruptly

By the way, India truly kicked Oz in places which matter


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