Suit Yourself

I need to write something really interesting or controversial in the first two lines for the post to get noticed. So here’s a post which tries to be both, albeit on a minute scale.

Here are some statements which might interest people

1) The “Felicity review dinner” was dinner unparallel`. The food served was so sumptuous and fulfilling that i didn’t even need to eat Maggi later on, in my room.

2) Sachin scores yet another century .Crime rate goes up exponentially at the same time, as sinners were convinced that even God was busy watching the Little Master at work with his Bat.

3) Stats which specify the salaries you might be getting on graduation from this college and also, the number of female employees in each of your “Dream companies”.

4) Jodha Akbar rakes in the moolah, irrespective of the various bans imposed.

Here are some statements which might piss people off:-

1) Felicity dinner leaves a lot to be desired. People of all batches hurry back to their respective messes to fulfill at least some of those desires.

2) Sachin fails again in the CB series. Dhoni calls for the inclusion of more youngsters at the top of the order. Sachin rubbishes Dhoni’s remarks by proclaiming himself as a youngster.

3) ECE course to be scrapped due to the non availability of jobs which are in sync with the knowledge levels displayed by the ECE students and professors alike.

4) “Jodha Akbar” exposes Hrithik’s shortcomings as an actor. ‘Aam Junta’ says it wanted Aishwarya Rai to be exposed, not Hrithik !!

Disclaimer :-

I know NOTHING about the Felicity Dinner. If you know something about it, please let the readers know which category it belongs to.


Unparallel` is to be pronounced as a French word

Note from the Author :-

I had more fun writing the ‘piss off’ section


4 thoughts on “Suit Yourself

  1. Aishwarya Rai evokes sharp reaction ffrom some people. Probably those who cannot stomach her fame. The feeling among some is that Ash has only looks and has come up by one factor alone, her obvious talent is being ignored for reasons peculiar toindividual thought process.

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