IPL bids -> bakwaas, me -> bakwaas(er) :)

The IPL bids have once again shown how poor a cricketing nation we are. By poor, what i mean to say is that we don’t know how to appreciate good cricket. All that we care about is our team and our players. The bids made truly reflected the status enjoyed by the Indian cricketers even if they are as defunct as a Mohammad Kaif or as a Suresh Raina.

The fact that Yusuf Pathan got more than Ricky Ponting is in itself a pointer to the lack of cricketing brains of the bidders. All that they kept thinking of was brand value, and if things continue to proceed in this manner, IPL may not attract good overseas players in the future. Foreign players may come to play once they retire but youngsters may prefer to go the Michael Clarke way.

The salaries which they get here may be higher when compared to that paid by their Boards but money doesn’t have as big a power as ego has, and this is where the foreigners might feel humiliated. Fortunately, the foreigners have (so far) acted in a very diplomatic manner by only saying that “the bids were surprising”. I am sure that they felt a lot more than that, when they came to know that Irfan Pathan’s brother had out bid them.

To be out bid by Irfan is a humiliation enough but to be out bid by his brother ##$$#@%

p.s 1)- I have no personal grudge against the Pathans

p.s 2)- Dhoni deserves every penny he got

p.s 3)- For all the Indian fans out there, start learning to appreciate good cricket, irrespective of which  country it comes from; the whole crowd goes silent instead of applauding when a non-Indian player plays a splendid stroke (except for perhaps the Bangalore crowd).

p.s 4)- I don’t know how to use this ; thing

p.s 5)-Recently, i got so tired of spending all of my time with my laptop that i decided that “one of us” should go. But since, i am the one capable of thinking, i decided that the laptop should go (PJ of the day).

I am already beginning to regret the decision and am as a result, planning to get my lappy back by Monday. So expect to hear from me more often on topics more relevant than this.


p.s 7- caps lock got switched on by mistake in the above line, but i’m too lazy to delete that and type again

p.s 8- I swear there won’t be any more p.s

p.s 9- what’s the term for plural p.s ?


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