A briefer take on the brief take on felicity…… and “Blog Office” introduced

Comments at last!! They may have branded me as a pussy and a sucker, but i ain’t complaining. The post* was basically harmless with some mild dose of criticism. Actually, it had nothing in it to justify the success it has enjoyed at the blog office. I would say that your response has been more entertaining than the post itself.

The ball was set rolling by a person who called himself “god”. What kind of a person calls himself god? For a mortal, the term “god” wouldn’t mean anything, except perhaps dog when read backwards. Dog or god, he sure was more interested in having a go at me rather than justifying his contrary stance. He also seemed to be obsessed with pussies ( only god knows what they are πŸ™‚ )

It’s not so surprising to see that the people who disagree with me are from the UG-2k5 batch. Well, they had worked pretty hard in the months (read weeks) leading up to felicity and as a result, were naturally inclined to support everything that had anything to do with Felicity. May be their judgment was clouded by their large scale involvement with the event.

Anyway, kudos to you organizers. I’m sure that only you people know what a pain in the a** it is to conduct such an event.

All time blog office hits:-

An ever so brief take on felicity $200 m
A (B)ache trip to nowhere $170 m
Some random Pictures $166 m
Interview Blues – 1 $160 m
Slipping away $148 m
Not another college bashing $120 m
Bandwidth wars and a stupid poem $118 m
A Movies List that ain’t complete $110 m
Better than what i’ve been writing $98 m
Pen is…….. $94 m

p.s :-I am relieved that no one has come out in support of the soundtrack

p.s 2:- I hope that god doesn’t read this and even if he does, i hope he takes it in the right spirit

p.s 3:- If any of my thoughts invoke slang in you, please feel free to express them

Coming soon : Education Blues (in sync with the times)


4 thoughts on “A briefer take on the brief take on felicity…… and “Blog Office” introduced

  1. I thought we will finally have some flaming in blogosphere and you let us down.. This is not done man…and btw about the song.. Nobody said anything coz liking a song or not is a very personal thing… You cant force anybody to like a song… But passing views on other things is different…

  2. Dudes , the previous one was one hell of an ass-pussy discussion πŸ™‚ . Well by the way i agree to your NIFT-ians’s shaking ass point πŸ˜‰ .

    I don’t think that batch trip was worth $170 m πŸ˜€ .

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