England’s Friendly

Fabio Capello has taken a bold yet, not so bright decision by dropping Beckham (and thereby denying him his 100th cap). It would have been more senseful had he dispensed with him after the friendly against Switzerland. That way Beckham would have got his 100th cap and moreover, Capello could easily have cited Beckham’s age as a factor for selection before the next international assignment, which happens to be the world cup qualifiers starting in September.

Capello said that Beckham’s lack of match practice brought about his downfall but having said that, he did train with the Arsenal reserve team for about a month. He should have in fact, been rewarded for taking a break from his pop star life.

Rumor has it that Wayne Rooney and Joe Cole will be starting up front, which is kinda surprising since Michael Owen has more often than not, managed to score whilst playing for England.

To tell the truth, Switzerland ain’t the best of teams and England should win hands down, no matter the team’s combination.


The senior team to follow in the footsteps of their juniors who beat Republic of Ireland 3-0 (yesterday)


2 thoughts on “England’s Friendly

  1. Beckham isn’t in top form. Why send him out there when his isn’t fit. Capello wants to play fit players and he won’t take favorites. I agree with everything Capello has done.

    The past two managers always did what the veterans wanted. I wish Capello dropped Michael Owen.

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