Some random Pictures

Dud -> “A picture is worth thousand words” said a crazy little man who didn’t understand the power of words

Dude -> Leave the little man alone, man. Just tell me what’s bothering you

Dud ->  i don’t think that a picture is worth a thousand words

Dude -> oh, do you mean to say that it’s worth 866 words

Dud -> cut the crap buddy

Dude-> don’t you see how much easier it would be if you could just put a picture instead of a thousand, sorry 866 words

Dud -> oh yeah ? show me

Dude -> just stand back and look at the way i fill up this post using pictures instead of the tiresome words



that’s the display picture


 that’s just a good picture


that’s a picture of an Ipod and i do spend a lot of time updating mine



that’s AB de Villiers

Dud -> what the heck are you doing? the pictures don’t make any sense

Dude-> does everything have to make sense? half of what you write doesn’t make any, and moreover it’s my day off


you may have heard about them, but you might not have seen them, they are the “Arctic Monkeys”


that’s your Australian open women’s champion in two days time


 those two won’t be playing the final but the one on the left should be pretty confident going into tomorrow’s match

 Dude-> what’s the problem of this sulky net. I would have uploaded more had it been a bit more co-operative

Dud-> never mind

Dude-> will i be able to do this again ?

Dud -> I certainly hope not


The characters Dud and Dude are protected under the copyright act and are thereby, restricted to appear within this blog


5 thoughts on “Some random Pictures

  1. Dude: 🙂 🙂

    Dud: Now what does that mean….???

    Dude: Hmm…. only 2 smileys to say… just 2 words(not 1000:P)…. “nice post” !!!

  2. nice post Mr “A” is very rare see such posts ….
    don`t make such posts too often b,coz as i said they shud be rare….

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