Tennis season’s here

This year has certainly kicked off on a bright note with all the extended week-ends putting up a strong contribution towards the cause (which is better served if not mentioned). All that i wanted to say above was (that) , extended week-ends are good for watching live sporting action on a T.V not surrounded by insane Indian fans.

Moving on (thankfully for you), a grand slam event has come about and with it has brought a feeling that Tennis is the best thing to happen on T.V. Having said that, i have to warn you that i feel the same way about some of the other sports as well 😦  or  🙂  !!??

Rumour has it that Djokovic is the new Safin, albeit with a brain (read temper) . I don’t think Safin would be too offended with the comparison, since the Serbian bloke comes with a sense of humor and more importantly, with a large fan base of squealing girls. I don’t know about you people, but i certainly prefer watching a ladies match to that of a men’s match due to the fact that they are a much shorter affair and also, because of the obvious fact.

Players/ladies i like watching on the court :-

1) Daniela Hantuchova (was supposed to be the next Kournikova but was soon forgotten due to her incapabilities on the court and Sharapova’s capabilities off it)

2) Nicole Vaidisova (wasn’t an instant hit but got used to with time)

3) Yaroslava Shvedova ( saw her for the first time with a strapped thigh accompanying her aggressive style and …….   need i say more)

4) Maria Sharapova (Her game’s too damn slow and noisy but has something else too)

5) Ana Ivanovic ( A star on rise ?, have to take a closed look 🙂 )

Safin will face Baghdatis tomorrow but sadly, i don’t think i will get an opportunity to be a witness to the slaughter.


I am finding it difficult to mention the fact that i am moving on to a different topic. i am tired of using the same phrases like “moving on”, “speaking of which”, “having said that” etc..

So please help me out (i care, irrespective of you caring or not)


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