A Movies List that ain’t complete

Had the anonymous comment not come in my way, i would have continued with my “face book” explorations. Anyway, now that i’m here, i would like to write about some Hollywood movies of the past season.

1) No Country for Old Men

If you ask me, the movie ain’t worth the critic’s billing. The movie’s as dry as the terrain depicted in it

2) Knocked Up

My favorite comedy of the (past) year. A bit vulgar may be, but who cares as long as there’s something to laugh at

3) Bourne Ultimatum

A movie starring Matt Damon is always a hit with me and this one’s no exception. More action than in any Bourne flick. Maybe Jason Bourne ought to replace James Bond

4) I am Legend

Ain’t legendary by any yardstick!

5) American Gangster

Godfather vs. smart cop = Entertainment

6) 3:10 to Yuma

A cow boy film is always welcome and this one certainly is (have to admit that it ended in a weird manner, though)

7) Beowulf

Watched it in 3d and was tired by the time it ended

8) Ratatouille

Pixar always delivers and has managed to do so once more (not their best though)

9) Superbad

Was supposed to be good, but all that i could find was average stuff

10) Deathproof

You may not refer it to your friend, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t enjoy it

P.S:- I have skipped many movies, which i might add later.

Some of the movies that couldn’t be mentioned because of my lack of viewership are

Enchanted, Juno, Michael Clayton

I watched others but i guess i’m feeling a bit too lazy to write anymore


The anonymous guy

Everyone associated with Hollywood


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