Not another college bashing

This college claims to “encourage the students to get involved with R&D as soon as possible”. Truth be told, i’ve never held research in such contempt as i hold it today. I was in total ignorance regarding the technical stuff before i joined this college and i have to admit, that it was better that way. No wonder they say “Ignorance is bliss”. Maybe i should team up with Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent and sing along ” Ayo, i’m tired of using Technology “.

Having said that, this college did inspire me to take up research, but in an all together different field. The field in concern , happens to be the “English Language”. What else can explain my tryst with Poetry and Shakespeare? I never thought that i would ever read poetry to while away the time (which is the case at present 😦 ).

During these recent research expeditions through the English language (which by the way are sponsored by this college), i managed to unearth a poem which might have been passed off as one of my own had it been written using the modern slang. So, this is what my poems would have looked like, had i taken birth in 1652.

How vain a thing is man whom toys delight,

and shadows fright !

variety of impertinence

might give our dotage some pretence;

but to a circle bound

we toil in a dull round

we sit,eat, move and drink

we dress, undress, discourse and think

by the same passions hurried on

imposing, or imposed upon.

we pass the time in sport or toil

we plough the seas, or safer soil

thus all that we project and do,

we did it many a year ago.

we travel still a beaten way

and yet how eager we rise to pursue

the affairs of each returning day,

as if its entertainments were surprising all and new.

Nice poem huh, it certainly inspired me to share it with you people 🙂 . Speaking of R&D, i’ve certainly done a bit of research but as for the development it’s up for you to decide.

Acknowledgements :-

My college, Nahum Tate and you people.


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