Nothing’s new except for the year

The New year day which fortunately occurs only once every 365 days is sort of like the little children who go around every home during Halloween shouting “Trickle treat”. The children get candy in return where as the new year is gifted with some  resolutions which are more often than not, postponed to the next year within a week. Struggling to comprehend the comparison ? you better be, otherwise chances are that you might be just as crazy as me.

Crazy or not, everyone manages to come up with a crazy list and here’s mine

1) To go to P.T regularly in the morning

2) To spend more time in front of the T.V rather than in front of the lap-top

3) To not make a resolution pertaining to studies as it would be purely academical

4) To not follow the first resolution

5) To make such lists lengthier and more sensical*

Those mentioned above aren’t exactly “resolutions”, but i had to give the poor new year something for turning up.

Forgetting the Chinese calendar and it’s associated animals, this year happens to be the “Year of Euro” and to a lesser extent, the “Year of Olympics”. The Chinese, by the way, have put in a lot of effort, and in the process, have lost quite a bit of sense due to these “games”. When will they ever realize that these games are watched principally by only four countries*  and (more importantly) that the most populous country of the world gets to see it on a channel which no one ever bothers to bother with. The Chinese have become so obsessed with the event that they were singing “we are ready” whilst holding the olympic flag on the new year eve.

However, here’s what i want to see happening in the sporting world this year

1) Manchester United to win the UCL along with the EPL/BPL*

2) South Africa to beat India in India

3) Spain to win the Euro

4) China to out tally the Americans in the olympics


I don’t support either Spain or China


The 4 countries happen to be US of A, China, Russia and Australia. (In case you dis-agree, i am sure your country  is geographically too small to consider 🙂 and by the way, Canada doesn’t count)

How much more nonsensical can the English get?, the word nonsensical exists whereas the word sensical doesn’t [citation needed].

I consider India to be the most populous country. The Chinese are usually so competitive in everything they do, that they wouldn’t even mind adding a billion or 2 to their total.

Man Utd to win the EPL, courtesy of a Arsenal screw up on the final day.


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