My blog + your time = time wasted

Don’t you ever get sick of time?, it’s there all the time but more often than not, leaves us behind in a big load of trouble. The best way to get rid of this timeless menace would be to either stick with it or to just lose count of it. The latter method though, can get you nowhere and is moreover only implementable when you get yourself a jail term. The most unique thing about time is that it just keeps going and going and going, and if i keep going, i guess you will be going.

Anyway, i thought of writing something about the Crusades having watched “The Kingdom Of Heaven” the other day. The fact that i watched this movie after such a long time is in itself a testimony to it’s box office reception. However, i would place it alongside Ridley Scott’s ‘best’ movies like “Gladiator” and “American Gangster”. Maybe the critics would have thought likewise had Russell Crowe played the leading role in this one as well, instead of the placid Orlando Bloom.

Crusades as you might know, were fought by Christian fanatics to plunder wealth and resources from the Muslims in the name of god. Such crusades exist even today, though the way in which the plundering is done has become much more organized. These modern day crusades are carried on by a certain Mr.Bush against the countries in the middle east in the name of democracy.The modern day crusades, thus initiated by Bush have evolved to become a world wide phenomenon wherein the people of one ethnicity view the others with apprehension.

Luckily, it hasn’t snowballed into a major war mainly because of the incapabilities of the middle east countries to wage a serious war and also because of the “respect” other countries have for the USA. Had any other country committed such atrocities against the middle east, half of the world would have been screaming foul, including India. Apart from Russia, no other country seems to have a dick big enough to stand up against USA.

Having said that, India does seem to be doing it’s own lil bit to weaken the USA by exporting as many Indians as possible. In this way, even the USA is bound to become inefficient and end up like “just another country with a glorious past”.


The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time. So don’t sit and cry about the time you “wasted”.


Punchagan, Ridley Scott, Bush, GRE aspirants and time

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Round up of today’s champions league draw


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