Interview blues- 2

In the News:-

1) Liverpool through to the next round, to face Man Utd next

2) My friend NKC, does something to enable me getting live cricket scores every 10 minutes on my cell (for free)

3) Nishanth Reddy proves that he is the champ of IIIT, yet again (yawn people).

4) My system crashes for the 2nd time in the month.

5) Arsenal and Chelsea are also through, but no one knows with what.

6) News just in, Fabio Capello has agreed to become England’s coach. Fan’s express horror over his decision.

Let’s go back to the interview…………

me/teacher-> So let’s pick up where we left off so unceremoniously the last time around.

h-> Given the investment our company will make in hiring and training you, can you give us a reason to hire you?

dude -> i ain’t a taxi to be hired

h -> excuse me

dude -> please… go ahead

h (sighs)-> Which college classes or subjects did you like best? Why?

dude-> I have three lines for you

“oh pain, oh pain

those classes were a big pain

in parts i wouldn’t want to explain”

h -> i’m pleased with your decision to not explain

dude ->  don’t i make sound judgements

h-> I am the one to ask questions around here

dude -> you are so insecure. Aren’t you?

h (clears his throat)-> Do you think that your grades are a indication of your academic achievement?

dude -> hell yeah, otherwise you wouldn’t even sit here interviewing me

h -> Tell me what you know about our company.

dude -> I would like to quote from ” The Departed”, with your permission of course

h-> does that have anything to do with my question

dude-> yeah

h(yawns) -> ok, go ahead

dude-> If i had any idea about what you were doing, you would all be just fu**ing c***s, do you mean to say that you are all c***(the singular form of the ‘c’ word rhymes with James Blunt)

h->I’m sorry, i couldn’t quite get you

dude-> you would really be sorry if you got me

h-> Do you have a geographic preference?

dude -> i am a geek for god’s sake. don’t ask me geography

h-> Do you think you might like to live in the community in which our company is located?

dude-> no problem man, i will join your community right away. Is it in facebox or orkut, I  personally prefer……..

h (interrupts) -> neither

dude -> oh, i see not

h->  Describe a situation where others you were working with on a project disagreed with your ideas. What did you do?

dude -> simple mate, i tagged along with them. Team work’s essential you see

h-> Tell of a time when you worked with a colleague who was not completing his or her share of the work. Who, if anyone, did you tell or talk to about it? Did the manager take any steps to correct your colleague? Did you agree or disagree with the manager’s actions?

dude-> Most of the time, that person was me. I guess you should ask my friends that question

h-> What suggestions do you have for our organization?

dude-> i have one, but i would prefer to say that after i get enrolled in your organization

me /teacher-> that’s it for today.I have a small assignment for you

students-> is it to find out the ‘c’ word?

me ->no

students -> ohhhhhh

me-> write down the suggestion which dude has for his organization

students -> but sir, he is so dumb and we are so smart

me -> yeah right, you can say that again


The quote from Departed wasn’t censored while being screened in our Indian theatres.

I’ve been considerate 🙂

Liverpool do face Man Utd tomorrow, but in a different tournament.


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