Bandwidth wars and a stupid poem

The most amusing thing happening on DC++ these days, is the on going tussle for downloading rights between a well established regime and a not so well organized gang of debutants. The problem with the freshmen happens to be that, they are disinclined to everything good  and moreover, when reminded of their problematic virtue, they tend to resort to silly mud slinging.

I personally ain’t against the addition of new movies (irrespective of how bad they are), but the current administration does have quite a few good reasons to justify the continuity of their dictatorship regime.

1) They keep the interests of the citizens in mind and act cordially.

2) They are open to special requests and in certain cases do fulfill them.

3) The bandwidth ain’t wide enough to accommodate two regimes simultaneously.

So on this note, let us all scream aloud “Long live the present DC regime”.

p.s:- The implication of the above phrase may be good for us, but what it means for them is that they should stay in the college for a long time (which hopefully ain’t their aim).

If poetry was all about rhyming
this is what we would be getting

“A non-Poetic Poetic Massacre”

itz boring
and the irregular power ain’t helping
which keeps the wi-fi stuttering
and me cursing

itz boring
and i lie here waiting
for my friends who ain’t responding
but i can’t go on blaming
for i am now realizing
that GTalk ain’t perfectly working

i can thus go on writing
but fortunately it ain’t to my liking
so go away smiling
before a change of mind comes calling


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