Oh NO, i’ve lost my Humility

I can’t quite comprehend why people consider education necessary. As far as i am concerned, the only advantage you can get from learning how to read, is the ability to read my blog. Fortunately for you people, you needn’t be rocket scientists to understand it. Having said that, i do have serious doubts regarding your comprehension skills for i rarely get back any comments.

Don’t even think of saying that my posts don’t deserve any, for i am quite sure that these are the most meaningful pieces of **** you have read since kindergarten (assuming that you learned how to read, in kindergarten). Anyway, you should be counting your lucky stars for getting an opportunity to read this post, for such opportunities are classified under the category of “Endangered species”.

This post by the way happens to be the brain-child of a brain having no ideas on which to write about. So in case, your brain ( i seriously doubt it’s existence though) has any ideas, do feel free to convey them to me so that i can make their meaning less lives a bit more………………………………………meaning less (humility’s back baby!!).

Looks like i can’t tread this path for long. So, so long my friends, see you on the other side of this bridge (which btw tries to separate those with humility from those who don’t).


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